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Tamil Nadu Tour Packages
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The classicism of Tamil Nadu is one of its most striking features, embedding the breathtaking sculptures and temple architecture, the enriching music and dance of the locals, traditions like kollam patterns on the threshold, flowers in the hair, saris, home ground spices, in the urban areas, and the dignified islands and hills serving as pleasurable and eclectic retreats from the hectic city life, thus defining a wonderful aberration, and enhancing a domain of boundless knowledge along with a rejuvenating getaway on this exciting Hill Stations of India - Tamil Nadu Holiday Package!

Tourist Attractions:
Located in Tamil Nadu, commanding views of Andhra Pradesh the Yelagiri Hills are a cool clime, where you would strangely do nothing in peace and quiet, except take a stroll down the gentle hills, with pleasant weather all around. A short stay would be apt with a boat ride to the Punganoor Lake where you could be amazed watching fishermen in coracles casting their nets to hook the fish or a trek up to Swamimalai occupying a dense forest area. Visit the ancient Velavan Temple with splendid views and the Government Silk Farm. Next stop would be the Hogenakkal Falls located on the Karnataka - Tamil Nadu border, which are based inside a protected forest reserve and the great winding Cauvery River. The Falls are spread out as a winding labyrinth of high, narrow canyons through which the river thunderingly falls in various places. The standard itinerary here includes the Hanging Bridge, the Bathing Falls and a parisal (coracle) ride. The holy town of Thiruvannamalai is located at the base of the Arunachala Hill, in north Tamil Nadu and is home to a grand and important Shaivite Shrine the magnificent Arunachaleswara Temple, with the hill as its backdrop, with the philosophy that Shiva presides as fire, one of the five primordial elements in the temple at Thiruvannamalai. Yercaud, meaning lake forest in Tamil is a very affordable hill station, rich in its natural charm featuring short and rocky hills. There are coffee plantations and orange groves and the town itself is rewardingly enchanting. The Big Lake the well-groomed garden Anna Park the Lady’s Seat offering a spectacular view of the Salem and the Shevaroy Temple is the highest point in Yercaud. It would be worth checking the Small Lake, Killiyur Falls and Botanical Gardens.
From here you can straight head on for Kanyakumari which looms large in India’s imagination, as it is a meeting point of the three seas surrounding India that is the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. Standing on the land’s edge here would make you sense as though you are at the tip of the world, and envision these three great swirling bodies of water merging into each other at your feet.The town is packed with hotels, tawdry restaurants and souvenir shops. For most tourists, it is a place of worship, where they come to genuflect before Kanyakumari (the Maiden Goddess) and the gigantic statue of Lord Vivekananda who meditated here and Thiruvalluvar, the pithy Tamil poet, all of them on the sea front. The place offers stunning sunrises and sunsets. Take off to Suchindram a charming

temple with rich carvings and an extraordinary assembly hall with monolithic musical pillars or pack a picnic and head for the Dutch Port at Vattakotai, with its natural beach and a circular fort with some terrific views from the top, the Nagercoil area encompassing the Nagaraja Temple where interestingly the Prasad is only sand, scooped out of the ground where the deity is enshrined and explore the interiors with paddy, backwaters and vast banana groves. The Devi Temple a rocky shrine, the Vivekananda Rock, Thiruvalluvar Memorial, Guhanadeeswara Temple are beautiful sites. Other beaches closeby are the Sothavillai Beach, Sanguthurai Beach,Thekkruchi, Muttom Beach and Theangapattinam Beach an old maritime town with an ancient mosque. The Baywatch Water Park has all kinds of land-and-water-based rides with fiesta restaurants.
The next destination would be the Kamarajar Valley which is ringed by the Kannivadi and Palani Hills. Surrounded by coffee, pepper and cardamom estates and home to a lake watered by sprightly hill streams, the home stays are all located on the northern banks of the Kamarajar Lake, an artificial lake created by the Kallalar and Kodavan rivers, which are basically a run-off from the steep hills that form a huge arc to the west and north. Sadayandi Cave Temple is a small shrine at the dam, cut  into the monolith, hiking on the path of mango groves and through forests to a beautiful waterfall. Secretive mountain paths, mist and bramble, hedges full of wildflowers, gardens full of roses, placid lakes,
Kodai is rich with discoveries and the hills are alive with flora and fauna and you would need to slow your inner rhythms to appreciate them fully. There are mango and jackfruit orchards, lime and lemons abound and there are lots of estates that grow coffee and pepper. Be careful as you explore these estates because they have no boundary walls and stretch to the edge where terra firma abruptly drops down several hundred metres into the valley.As you wind the road towards Kodaikanal another popular hill station, you encounter the most scenic drive in the country as the Pallani Hills roll outwards towards green vistas dotted with lakes along with shoal forests in these parts which have a quiet and vivid beauty. The foliage is dense and varied, ranging from dappled yellows to intense greens. Wildflowers abound, as mist rolls on and off the hills, the starfish shaped lake is beautiful but the town centre is over-run with block-like buildings and plenty of home-made chocolate temptations. Secretive mountain paths, mist and bramble, hedges full of wildflowers, gardens full of roses, placid lakes and the hills are alive with flora and fauna with roads clean, hygienically maintained and ideal for walking. Around the Kodai Lake, the best place is Coaker’s Walk, a promenade on the south-eastern cliff of the mountain, a peek from the observatory to the Dolphin’s Nose, the Pambar River and far away, the tiny scramble of Madurai city the Palani Hills stretching out like a carpet of gigantic dunes, Bryant Park a horticultural garden with its neatly labeled trees and rose beds, defining the place with a soothing quality, Kodai Lake is best for ecstatic boat rides and is a uniquely pleasant experience. It would be worth visiting the Green Valley View, Pillar Rocks and the Silver Cascade, a waterfall formed by the backwaters of Kodai Lake, Kurinji Andavar Temple, the Jain Temple, Bear Shola Falls, Pambar, Glen and Fairy Falls and the Beri-Jam Lake, a place where the monkeys gibber, with the road winding up and into the shola forests, Mannavannur is surrounded by the countryside, rolling meadows, pine forests and hills. Check out Kundar Falls and the panoramic views from Poomparai Village on the way. The are known for their forest-covered slopes, and the Pallani town in these hills, is home to the holiest shrines of Murugan, the patron deity of Tamil Nadu. Literally, Kodaikanal is the most well-known face of these hills which house countless species of flora and also the mighty Indian bison and the almost-extinct Nilgiri tahr, the only wild mountain goat found in Southern India There is a beautiful rock temple called Thiruavinankudi Temple with a remarkable main altar and a magnificent six-tiered rajagopuram with colourful stucco sculptures and a large temple tank. The Shola Forests hold the promise of fresh air, the sounds of nature, thick jungles, interesting hikes, a serene lake, wildlife and birds. The Elephant Valley described as cradled hills is at the edge of a reserve forest and offers much more than elephants……. crisp, clean air, birds, than you can count and plenty of trees than the eye can scan. This eco lodge is like a cup of manna for the jaded traveler.
Old-fashoioned village houses, bushes thickly covered with hibiscus and horses grazing in a large open space are a charming throwback to some older world, but the stream that passes through the resort clinches it. The Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary hosts the tiger,leopard, elephant and gaur as well as the Nilgiri langur, the lion-tailed macaque and many birds. Coach safaris and nature walks and forest treks are conducted from here to scintillate the romantic wedded couple on this Hill Stations of India - Tamil Nadu Honeymoon Package!
Puducherry or the `French Riviera' but in contrast to the above, has a slow and still aura, attracting the tourists as they walk on those tree-lined avenues, among painted colonial buildings, with a heart-lifting sea breeze for company. There is no beach in Puducherry but a wall of rocks, which makes for a curvacious but satisfying walk. You could visit the Notre Dame des Anges Church, a quiet and peaceful place,the Pondicherry Museum with its huge rooms, wide windows and high ceilings, chola bronzes, beaches and coins and artefacts from Dupleix’s time, the Mansion of Ananda Rangapillai has the Tamil sections carved out of deep red-coloured teak circled with copper whereas the European section bears iron and plaster balustrades, pillars with Doric capitals and French windows! The Church of the Immaculate Conception consisting of the Renaissance structure and the Sri Aurobindo Ashram with its pearl grey-and-white Ashram buildings are the most orderly part of the city.
Move on to Ooty where the Ooty Lake is the hill town’s most famous and lively tourist spot, and the Botanical Garden offers a variety of shrubs, trees, and flowers where people come  to lounge in the lawns and walk among the shady trees and plants. The Rose Garden is a small terrace atop a hill off Etiennes Road The St. Stephen’s Church houses exquisite stained glass windows, intricately carved pews and plaques detailing the battalions that attended services here. The St. Thomas Church commands a stupendous view of the Ooty Lake and looks pretty when you are boating it. The Kandal Church houses a relic of the Cross on which Christ was crucified. On the way to Wenlock Downs, lies the Ninth Mile another picnic spot. A short but steep and slippery walk through a cluster of pine trees down from the road takes you there. The Mettupalaiyam Ooty Passenger toy train on the narrow guage promises a scenic hilly ride and a wonderful experience,along  Dodda Betta with a clear picture of the mutual geography of these adorable Nilgiri beauty spots…….Ooty, Coonoor, Ketty,Avalanche……the

Highest peak in the area. Tea in Ooty is sourced from many plantations, and sold in dust, leaf, organic and white varieties, and comes in many flavours…..plain, masala, elaichi, jasmine,  having pleasurable taste as well as medicinal value for its customers. Aromatic oils such as camphor, eucalyptus, citronella and, spices such as cloves, nutmeg, pepper, mace and cardamom including  homemade chocolates in plain, bitter, milk, cashew, butterscotch, fruit-and-nut are widespread and relished by residents and tourists.. The Pykara Falls and Lake has a road going through a beautifully forested stretch here, whereas the stream tumbles down to a cascading tract of rocks, which is located in a bowl-shaped valley to take your breath away and this Lake is located amidst a shola forest. The Silver Stones Estate in the Bellikkal village is perched like a lofty eagle on the northern fringe of the smoky Nilgiri Hills, as a place for long ambles along the ghats or a quiet afternoon by the Lake. The Kalhatti Falls shimmer and glint as they curvaceously pour into a valley and seem to come down dreamily in slow motion, as you walk along with side by side on this Hill Stations of India –Tamil Nadu Honeymoon Package!
Small and serene for the most part, mist-wrapped Coonoor in season, when the emerald of its tea bushes is offset by blood-red poinsettia, purple morning glory and golden sunflowers, is quite stunning. This quintessential tea country lies in the nature of a tea plantation in cool and hilly climates, where clouds and haze keep the ambience moist through the undulating terrain and rolling hills, making a silky green carpet, perfectly clipped at all times as the bushes are regularly pruned of their leaves. Touches of the Raj remain all over Conoor in honeysuckle-fronted cottages which sit on the side of the winding pine-hedged lanes. The tourist points include Sim’s Park with winding footpaths, pergolas, gazebos and a dense shola skirting it, Lamb’s Rock giving breathtaking views of the Coimbatore Plains and plantation vistas, Dolphin’s Nose as a huge rock from where you can see the Catherine Falls, the Law’s Fall a festive picnic spot and High Tea Field Factory with gorgeous views of the hills, the tea plantation spreading out below and a golf course in the valley. You can also visit the army township of Wellington which has a huge and popular golf course It would be fantastic to enjoy a ride on the Nilgiri train which is a slow-motion, toy-sized version of a train journey against hilly, lush backdrops and across bridges strung at daredevil altitudes.  The view from the train en-route is always a constant play of vistas, thickly forested hills, breathtaking plunges and leafy walls carved out of mountains, wildflowers, streams, and neat weave of tea plantations with protective silver oaks standing upright. You can also take a short visit to Ketty where yellow gorse and lavender flowers bloom in season and based therein is the St. Michael’s Church, a green-roofed building set among fields. There is also Kotagiri, which has the trekking area of Longwood Shola Preserve and the Kodanad Viewpoint nestled behind tea gardens of Kodanad Estate
Shops and stores are abound with  tea, coffee, organic food, pottery, handicrafts, oils, garments, incense, spices, homemade chocolates, handcrafted Pondicherry pottery, Japanese-inspired stoneware in exquisite glazes and colours, tea sets and incense holders, handmade paper products, candles, jams and pickles, honey and leather products. There are quaint little shops selling souvenirs and cosmetics such as aroma therapy oils, spices such as clove, cinnamon, cardamom, pepper and colourful Tibetan stoles, shawls, jackets, caps and famous Magic Mushrooms a naturally occurring hallucinogen. You would also find curtains and lamps made of shell, mementoes, and rare antiques from old chettiar homes, knick knacks, instruments, pictures and photo frames and steel and brass vessels, sometimes at fixed and otherwise at negotiable prices!
Culinary fare consists of Indian and Chinese food, multi-cuisine, cheese eggs,continental dishes, salads, soups like potato- potato soup, pizzas, pastas, steaks and sizzlers, being sold in outlets spread throughout the area. There are café-style restaurants serving a dish called chaiyo minced meat-mint-lettuce starter, biryani, simple vegetarian meals, chettinad fare like chettinad soup with drumsticks, accompanied by rice and kozhambu a thickened tangy stew, sambhar, rasam, curd, kootu a pachidi which is a raita made with vegetables, a masal of potato or yam a thovattal of fired vegetables tempered with coconut, and may be a cutlet crumbed and fired on the outside and soft meat or potato on the inside,South Indian cuisine including garlic fish fry with a soft, thick, white dosa, tiger prawns and masala fish fry – catering to foreign as well as Indian taste. There is no scarcity of vegetarian thalis, bhajjis, parottas, South Indian staple and multi-cuisine food as well as compact set-ups highlighting romantic candlelit dinners with delicious Indian, Chinese, Italian and Continental meals, cooked on a wood fire, juice bars and organic coffee bars and ready-to-eat stuff like fresh breads, cheese, muffins, jams, peanut butter, brown rice, red rice, pure honey, herbal tea, organic dried fruits, sandwich, pastries. For fruit lovers a cornucopia of pleasures is available with plums, pears, cherries, butter-fruit, jamuns, apples, rambutan, and mangosteen.
The most comfortable season to visit would be between October to March, but recommended for a visit throughout the year as even in the hottest of heat or the stormiest of a storm or a heavy downpour of thick rain, there is enough to keep you involved indoors and outdoors, just rolling and wrapping yourself in this abundance of nature, on this Hill Stations of India - Tamil Nadu Honeymoon Package!

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